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We have over 40 years experience of the wire industry, so we know a thing or two about wire.  You know a lot about your business. Together we can make a good team supplying your wire needs with the highest quality product at a competitive price.

We specialise in supplying:

Stainless Steel Wire

0.025mm diameter to 1.50mm diameter

Galvanised Steel Wire

0.16mm diameter to 4.00mm diameter

Wire is supplied on spools for the smaller sizes and coils for the larger sizes.

For more detailed information on any of our products or to make an enquiry about pricing, please contact us using the form provided or email: enquiry@c21wiresolutions.co.uk

Our aim:

To exceed our customer’s  expectations with consistently high product quality.

All our products are sourced from factories we have known for many years and are all accredited to ISO 9001.

Our technical ability, competent and friendly staff with prompt response and on-time deliveries make us an attractive partner for all your requirements.

Welcome to C21 Wire Solutions

Stainless Steel Wire Galvanised Wire Other Metal Wires Spring Wire Wire, Rope & Strand

…and many other wire materials as well as strand and rope