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We provide an extremely wide range of products that can be viewed using the ‘product’ menu on the left side of this page.  For more detailed information on any of our products or to make an enquiry about pricing, please contact us using the form provided or email: enquiry@c21wiresolutions.co.uk


Wire has thousands of applications.  Here are a few for which we supply wire:

ACSRs – Aluminium conductors (cables) steel reinforcement

Aerospace cable

Airbag diffusers

Automotive catalytic converter support mesh

Bag ties

Baling wire for cotton and recycling

Bead wire

Book spiral wire

Bottle springs and closures

Braid – electrical

Brush handles


Cables, braiding and armouring

Carton stapling wire

Ceiling wire

Clips and fastenings

Clothes pins

Communication cable

Conveyor and emergency stop systems

Demisters / Mist Eliminators

Detonation wire

Display and pegboard hooks

EMI / RFI shielding

Fashion – clothing highlights

Fencing – agricultural, garden, decorative

Fibre optic detection

Fire retardant mesh

Fishing floats

Flame arrestor elements

Flexible hoses

Flexible tube and duct reinforcement wire

Florist wire

Gabion fencing

Guy wire

Knitting for industrial applications

Lightning conductor and earthing wire

Muselet wire



Paper clips

Pipe (tobacco) cleaners / modelling wire

Pullkey systems

Resistance wire

Roof and slate hook wire

Safety lock wire

Safety pins


Security wire


Spiral binding wire for publications



Stay wire

Stitching wire

Stranded wire

Tie wires and cut lengths

Vineyard and tree training and supporting wire

Welded mesh

Wire brushes

Wire rope

Woven mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Galvanised Wire Copper, Brass & Aluminium Wire, Rope & Strand AAC, AAAC & ACSR Spring Wire